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Alta Vista / La Cuesta COVID Safety Plan (rev. 04.07.2021): [English] {Spanish]

SBUSD COVID Safety Plan (rev. 04.07.21): [English] | [Spanish]

COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist (rev. 01.14.21): [English] | [Spanish]

SBUSD COVID Prevention Program (rev. 02.02.21): [English] | [Spanish]


SBUSD Return to School In-Person FAQ (link)

Work Permits 2020-2021 (link to application)

If you have questions about the Application process, or need help obtaining your Work Permit, please contact Carmelita Cuellar at


Important Dates

Mon. June 14, 2021 - Summer School Begins

Mon. August 16, 2021 - La Cuesta New Student Orientation (8am OR 2:30pm)

Tues. August 17, 2021 - First Day of School!

Tues. August 17, 2021- Alta Vista Independent Study (AVIS) New Student Orientation (9:00am)