Dual Enrollment


Students: What do I need to do to enroll in a dual enrollment class at SBCC?

  1.  Apply to the SBCC
  2. Read through SBCC's application guide to answer application questions accurately
  3. Complete your Dual Enrollment Approval Form paper form here
    1. Hints: You will need student K#
    2. Parent signature
    3. Student Signature
    4. Approval signature from a counselor or administrator at our Main Office at 710 Santa Barbara St (La Cuesta High School)
    5. This form is required each semester
  4. Forms to be turned into the Admissions and Records window in the Student Services building at SBCC 721 Cliff Drive

What do I do once I have been approved?

  1. To register for classes, go to Pipeline
  2. Go to "First time logging in"   
  3. retrieve your username and password HINT: you will need to know the last four digits of your social security number or your CCCID Where is my CCCID? Click here for the registration guide. 

How do I know if I am registered?

  1. Check your SBCC email account "Pipeline"
  2. Do I have to Pay? Dual enrollment students that have lived California for at least one year do not pay enrollment fees if you enroll in less than 12 units.
    1. For classes at the main campus, you pay: mandatory health, transportation, and student rep fees apply. Click here for fee information. 
    2. You do not have to pay fees for online classes. Book and supply costs vary per class. 

Additional resources and Help: