Program Overview

AVAHS’s Flexible Learning Experience (FLEX program) is a blended curriculum of online and project based learning.  This independent studies program was created for students that needed additional years to complete their high school graduation requirements. The program began August of 2014 and is designed to decrease the dropout rate of students within our district. The program specifically supports students who may otherwise have aged out or dropped out of traditional or continuation high school. Students have the flexibility to take one class at a time, which benefits students who need less than the four class minimum, partial course credits, or who require focusing on one course at a time. The Senior Plus Program’s small class size allows for more personalization. The program was designed in part, after our district staff observed many students not pursuing our local Adult Education option, or failing to succeed in Adult Education.

The program has been designed so that students can graduate on the day that they complete their coursework, which means that we have a graduate at least once a month! On average, we see between 25-30 high school graduates per year.  During the 2018-2019 school year, we had our 100th graduate of the Senior Plus Program. This is notable because all 110(+) of the graduates from this program would otherwise have been high considered high school dropouts. The program provides students another opportunity to graduate, become college and career ready, and flourish as members of their community. 

Students are expected to attend three days a week and complete a minimum of 1.5 credits per week. The program is located at La Cuesta Continuation High School.