Quetzal Tenants

Quetzal Tenants: 

  1. Engage in Academics
  2. Commit to being present
  3. Read, Write, and Discuss
  4. Advocate for rights
  5. Prioritize Health
  6. Strategize your terms    

The students explain how they have engaged with each of the tenants and how has it helped them improve academically and socially. Using our tenants, we focus on reflection and revision in our approach to academics and personal growth. As a transitional program, our students must complete terms, which will enable them to transition to a school in the Santa Barbara school district. Our Quetzal Tenants create a frame, not only on progress on terms for our students, but also focus on academic and social-emotional Learning (SEL). Our tenants are used for reflection and growth to help students visualize where they were before the program and where they are at the end.